A Word about Wood Burning Safety

In order to fully enjoy wood burning you should always keep safety in mind. Start with a safe set up using the following guidelines and you will have the peace of mind to create and have fun without worrying about your health.

  • Work in a well-ventilated area. A fan placed close to, and facing away from your face works well.
  • Work on a clean, hard surface. You can place a non-flammable mat on your surface to protect it.
  • You will need a stable heat proof stand for your tool. If the stand moves, tape it down.
  • Do not leave a hot tool unattended.  Always turn it off AND unplug it before walking away
  • Use a mask with P-95 rating or better. (I really like my RZ Mask)
  • Make sure your wood is clean, dry and sanded smooth.
  • Do not burn wood that is chemically treated (such as plywood, pressure treated wood, or wood with stains or other finishes).
  • To change tips while hot: Use pliers to remove the tip and drop it into a ceramic dish
  • Always follow all safety precautions recommended by the wood burning tool manufacturer
Always be safe

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