Sustainable DIY Christmas Gifts

Guest post by Brandy Searcy Make yourself Sustainable DIY Christmas Ornaments & Gift Ideas If you’re looking to gift extra thoughtful sustainable gifts this Christmas, we’ve put together a great list of inspirational ideas for you.  We’re starting out with the truly DIY ornaments and gifts and also giving you some ideas for personalized gifts […]

Caring for your new cutting board

Caring for Your New Cutting Board If you have taken one of my cutting board workshops, or even if you haven’t, you probably want to know how to best care for your new wood cutting board. Since it’s difficult to remember everything we talked about in the workshops, I decided to post the care instructions […]

My Favorite Wood Burning Resources

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a compilation of some of my favorite resources that I have in my treasure chest of tools.   Your greatest resource is you!  Your creativity, your imagination, your intelligence, your taste are all yours, and are treasures beyond value or price. When you see something that […]

DIY Wood Burning Tool Repair

Here’s the process Make sure you start with a cold tool and remove the tip if you haven’t already (sometimes this requires pliers). Next, start to thread the tap into the tool by hand like you are screwing in a tip (clockwise). Once the tap is in a little, grip the end of the tap […]