How to Fix Your Wood Burning Tool

fix your wood burning tool when it gets cross threaded or difficult to turn

Fix your wood burning tool

Do you ever wonder how to fix your wood burning tool when the tip gets stuck, or stiff?

How many times have you changed the brass tip on your wood burning tool while it was hot, Even knowing it’s not the best way to treat you tool?

Very few people have the patience (or the time) to wait for the tool to cool down before changing the tip.

I know I have broken a few tips and a few tools this way. I have also had them break during workshops, and keep a couple of spare tools just in case.

Sometimes it can be repaired

So here is a tutorial on how to fix your wood burning tool if the tip gets stuck, or if you can’t screw it in easily.

Tools needed:

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8-32NC Steel tap

Channel Locks (or other pliers)

Safety goggles

Here’s the process to fix your wood burning tool

Make sure you start with a cold tool and remove the tip if you haven’t already (sometimes this requires pliers).

Next, start to thread the tap into the tool by hand like you are screwing in a tip (clockwise).

Once the tap is in a little, grip the end of the tap securely with the channel locks and begin to twist in the tap. This requires some force, but should be easy enough. It feels like you are digging out the threads, so should just be stiff, not difficult.

When the tap won’t go in any farther, remove it by “unscrewing” it. Remember “lefty loosey.” It should get easier as you go.

After you remove the tap, knock out the brass shavings. At this point you need to wear safety goggles if you blow out the shavings. You do not want to get any shavings in your eyes.

Now screw in the tap by hand. If you meet resistance use the channel locks, twisting back and forth until it turns easily and you can remove the tap by hand.

Finally, knock out any brass shavings and insert your new or clean tip. It should go in easily, without any resistance.

If your tip is messed up, you may be able to “rethread” it with a steel wingnut or die. I have not purchased a die because a wingnut works well for me.  Another short video coming soon for this .

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